Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Raccoon Ate The Avocado

So for the last few days Xaelen has been talking about the same thing over and over again. Here's the conversation that is repeated (in the exact same order each time) many times a day.

Xaelen: Raccoon ate avocado
Me: Yes Xaelen, the raccoon ate the avocado
Xaelen: Xaelen's avocado
Me: Yes, the raccoon ate Xaelen's avocado
Xaelen: Meow Meow
Me: Yes, the raccoon looked like a big cat
Xaelen: Bite you bite you
Me: Yes, the raccoon could bite you.
Xaelen: Owie
Me: Yes, if the raccoon bit you, it would hurt.
Xaelen: Down down down
Me: Yes, the raccoon ran down in to the canyon when we scared him.
Xaelen: Raccoon ate avocado.

I swear, this is the exact same script each and every time he brings it up.
In case you're wondering, here's what happened:

The other night I heard some strange noises in the backyard. I stuck my head out and saw a raccoon eating an avocado that was left in the compost bin. I told Xaelen, come look at the raccoon eating the avocado! As soon as Xaelen poked his head out, the raccoon saw us and scuttled down the side of the canyon behind our house and ran away. All that was left was some bits of the avocado he was chewing on. Xaelen examined it for quite some time. Very excited about the whole raccoon adventure.

I just love how he recounts the experience over and over again, with the same level of enthusiasm each time!

Yesterday we added a new story to retell over and over again.

Xaelen: Mommy, balloon stuck in a tree
Me: Where?
Xaelen: Right there! (Pointing at a tree behind our house)
Me: Oh wow! It's stuck!
Xaelen: Xaelen get it! (grabbing any stick that is near by) (Mind you, the tree is at least 30 feet high and in the neighbors yard. But Xaelen is convinced that if he reaches high enough, he can get it).

He woke up this morning telling me about the balloon stuck in a tree. At least it wasn't the story about the raccoon eating the avocado.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Pics from Jan-Mar 2008

These are various pictures from the last 2 or 3 months. I think I ALMOST have the hang of actually posting them.

1st Attempt at Video

This is Xaelen at the zoo yesterday. Adam took lots of video, but for some reason this is the clip that I'm super fond of. It's just so very Xaelen.


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My little family
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