Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dr. Wonderful just made magic happen

I just got back from the hospital and I would like to annouce my external version was a SUCCESS!

I was scheduled for a 4:30 version. I first visited my chiropractor one last time to make sure my pelvis was as loose and relaxed as possible and in the best position for the version. After my adjustment we drove the 1 mile to the hospital and checked in. My doula met us there. I kept thinking, is it really necessary for my doula to be there? But she offered to accompany us, so I figured why not?

We were brought to my room and I settled in. I was hooked up to monitors and just lay there for about 20 minutes while they checked on how the baby was doing. He was great, but still breech. My doula and I chatted for a while and then she suggested I put on my relaxation mix on the ipod. I've been praciticing hypnobirthing for that last 6 weeks, so I began some of those techniques. My doula rubbed my feet and I relaxed and visualized him turning. My doula was awesome. Her presence there I think was instrumental in our success.

The nurse came in and gave me my first shot of Terbutaline (is that what it's called? I forget the actual name), I just continued to relax. The terbutaline makes your heart race like crazy. I was actually having a hard time relaxing given it felt like I had just downed a huge amount of coffee. About 20 minutes later, I was given another shot of terbutaline. All during this, I'm listening to my hypnobirthing cd and breathing nice and slow.

The doctor came in a few minutes later and said we are going to start. I had my eyes closed, but according to my husband: The Dr. dimmed the lights, put mineral oil on my belly, closed his eyes and began the procedure. You heard correctly, he closed his eyes. He actually did the whole thing with his eyes closed. Apparently it helps him visualize the baby and really connect to what's happening inside.

Now the bad part. It hurt. Well, it didn't HURT like my c-section recovery from last time, and it didn't hurt as bad as labor the last time, but it was very uncomfortable. I breathed slow and deep, visualizing balloons on baby's feet lifting him up and lowering him head down. The actual physical manipulation of my uterus lasted about 6 minutes - and plop, he turned. I actually was so in my hypnosis state, that I didn't even notice he flipped. I figured we tried and it wasn't working and that we were just taking a break to try again in a few minutes. But when I opened my eyes, everyone had thumbs up for me.

I wound up staying at the hospital longer than I had expected. They wanted to monitor the baby's heartrate just to be absolutely sure that there were no complications from the version. At 7:45, I was finally allowed to go home. I'm currently wearing a belly band belt thingy they told me to wear which should keep him from turning back.

Fingers and toes crossed. I'm home now and utterly elated. I couldn't have done it without the help of my hypnobirthing coach (Carol), My chiropractor (Dr. Mawer), My doctor (Dr. Biter), my doula (Doula Dawn) and the wonderful nurses at the hospital. I am on cloud nine. VBAC here I come!

Today is the day

I'm heading over to the hospital today to have my External Cephalic Version preformed. I have people asking me if I'm nervous, and in all honesty - I'm not. But given all the people that keep asking, it's starting to make me nervous!

As my chiropractor, Dr. Mawer, told me - this procedure is normally rather painful. In fact, he said that he doesn't recommend any of his patients have one of these, EXCEPT if they are having it with Dr. Biter - my wonderful OB. Apparently Dr. Biter is so incredibly gentle and deft with his touch, that Dr. Mawer fully supports all versions preformed by him. I truly feel like I'm in good hands.

I'm going to go see Dr. Mawer today and have one last adjustment before heading over to the hospital to start the ECV. So I guess today is the day. It either IS or ISN'T going to happen. And then I can at least start coming to terms with what this birth will be like.

I've been in such limbo the last few months. I've been so gung-ho VBAC, and this breech thing doesn't quite play in to my plans. It's been hard for me to even focus on having this VBAC because I have visions of c-sections playing in my head. Once I have some sort of closure one way or another, I can just move on and be at peace with what is in store for me. If we're having a c-section - then so be it.

I have made one decision in regards to the c-section. If I'm having one, I'm letting it happen on OUR time. We will go in to labor first rather than just scheduling a c-section. I don't want to arbitrarily pick some date as his birthdate. I would rather let nature, my body and my son decide when it's right time to enter this world.

So now I just sit and wait.

4:30pm is just around the corner.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

36 weeks 1 day

Today I visited the doc again.
It appears as though our little one is as stubborn as ever.
Still breech.
We will be trying the external version procedure. I will be going in either this Thursday afternoon or Saturday morning. If that doesn't work - well, then I guess we've tried everything.

Think good thoughts for us.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

4 weeks and 5 days to go.

The countdown continues. This baby is coming. There's no denying that. The only thing in question is which opening this baby will be utilizing as his doorway in to the world. I vote vaginal. Who's with me? Oh VBAC gods, please grant me this wish!

I've been staring at my scar a lot lately. I was't fond of the scar when I got it 2 years ago, but over the time that's passed I've sort of come to terms with it. As the moment approaches that my scar might bring another life in to the world, I have been remembering more and more all the things that I hated about my c-section. Abdominal surgery ain't pretty. Truly.

So I sit and wait. Hoping this stubborn little man will do some gymnastics inside of me and turn turn turn.

I just ate a snickers bar. Truth be told, it didn't make me feel better. In fact, quite the opposite.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Visit to "L&D"

L&D = Labor and Delivery.
Yesterday I was feeling mostly funny. Achy, funky, strange.
In addition to feeling off, I barely felt the baby move. Usually, he wiggles, he kicks, he's doing all kinds of acrobatics.
Yesterday, not much.
I even broke down and grabbed a soda from the beverage fridge at work. I never drink soda, but I thought the sugar rush might get him dancing.
I drank an entire 12 oz can of Coke.


At this point I got down on my hands and knees (thank god no one happened to be walking by my office) and tried doing cat/cow stretches. I did some downward dog.


Normally I wouldn't be all freaked out about this, but I've been doing all kinds of things lately to get the baby to turn - laying upside down on an inverted ironing board, strange yoga positions, etc. I was paranoid that in doing all my twists and turns, I get him somehow wedged in an unfavorable position and his cord got stuck or some other doomsday scenario.

It was getting close to 4pm, and I was getting ready to leave for the day anyhow. I called my doctor.

"I hate to sound like a paranoid 1st time mom, but I haven't felt the baby move in a while, can I come in and see you guys?"
"Let's have you go down to L&D and get checked out" they responded.

I can do that.

Drove the 20 miles in traffic, thinking the whole way all kinds of "what-if" scenarios. I'm really good at thinking of "what-if" scenarios. Adam thinks I'm being a pessimist. Hell, I figure I'm being a realist. Shit happens. Heck, shit happens to me. It's a fact. If I can just prepare myself mentally for the what-ifs, then they are not as scary. But regardless, back to the story at hand.

I arrive at L&D. This place is so nice! It's calm, cool and collected. The nurses are all so sweet. Everyone is laid back and friendly. It is SO unlike the L&D at the last place I gave birth at. It's like another world. Thank goodness this is where I'll be birthing.

They checked me in, they checked my vitals, they checked the baby. I hung out for 20 minutes for some monitoring. And wouldn't you know it, the moment I lay down on the bed to be evaluated, the kid starts doing acrobatics. Not like little kicks here and there, but full-on, belly moving gyrations. That little monkey! The nurse wasn't surprised. She said I should rest more. Try and lie down a few times a day.


I don't have a cot in my office. Nor a couch nor even a chair that reclines very well. Not very practical for me in my current situation.

But, the important thing is the little man is A-Ok!

And now I know how to get to L&D.
And I'm preregistered.
Not a complete waste of my time afterall.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I think I really need to get my thoughts off my mind and on to (virtual) paper.

It's been a very busy last few weeks.

1) We started Hypnobirthing classes
2) Been visiting the chiropracter twice a week
3) My OB every 2 weeks (soon to be weekly)
4) Working 40 hours a week
5) Still trying to convince X that he can sleep by himself... in his own bed...
without Mommy and Daddy... it's still a work in progress.
6) Setting up all the baby gear - crib, clothes, stroller, car seat...
7) We've been gone almost every weekend due to various weddings, birthdays,
graduations, parties, etc. It's hard to get things done if we're never home!

So with all that in mind, here's the biggest stress factor I'm currently experiencing: This baby is breech.


What the #$%^? Of all the reasons to put my VBAC in jeapordy, he's breech?!? Everyone tells me not to worry. They all say, you've got a few weeks, I'm sure he'll turn. But he hasn't. I've tried the following:

1) Chiropractic care
2) Laying on an ironing board upside down
3) Frozen peas on the top of my uterus, warm towel down below
4) Positive thinking (This one has been the hardest, because I'm starting to
lose focus. I can't help but feel negative and hopeless.
5) Downward Dog yoga pose a few times a day.
6) Hypnobirthing classes which are supposed to help me focus and relax more.

Here's what I'm going to try over the next 2 weeks:

1) Accupuncture
2) Swimming and attempting handstands in the water (We'll see about that)
3) Prenatal yoga with an instructor (Mondays & Weds)
4) Hypnotherapy (It could help if I'm somehow subconsiously preventing him from
turning because I'm scared of vaginal birth thus ensuring a repeat
c-section... hmmm... could be.
5) Bring my yoga ball to work and use that as a chair instead of this stupid
chair I'm currently sitting on.

And if all of that still doesn't work... it will be down to my last resort:

1) External Version

These things aren't fun. They're not as painful as labor, but they're not comfortable and they don't have a great success rate. But, if it's either having a version or having a c-section - I'll take the version. And then, if it doesn't work, I'll take the c-section (grudgingly).

So here is where my venting kicks in. Why oh why? I feel like I did something wrong. Like maybe I gained too much weight. Or maybe I didn't exercise enough. Or maybe I didn't think the right thoughts. Or maybe I'm scared and mentally causing this. Or maybe I didn't start chiropractic care soon enough. Or maybe this or maybe that. Obviously this kind of thinking isn't helping matters. Hence, I'm taking this from my thoughts and putting it down in writing in an attempt to clear my head of such things.

Oh. And this kid still lacks a name.
He's breech and nameless.

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